Friday, September 10, 2010

stateside wanderings: chick-fil-a and valley forge

One of the 'we have to go there' places on this trip was chick-fil-a. We don't have it in Canada and I had never been before so it made an obvious choice on our day out with John and Ashley. We all piled into their van, Ashley and I got the back seat, the kidlets kept each other company in the middle and the guys took the front. It was fun. So fun. 
 I was impressed. The staff were polite and gracious. The place was clean, and the atmosphere pleasant. And the food. I haven't even mentioned the food yet. My waffle fries were gone way to fast and the chicken sandwich with the special sauce. Seriously yum. I wish it was in Canada. No, actually I don't. It's better all around if visits there are rare.
 Kilmeny was feeling left out from not having her very own waffle fries so she chomped on the container instead. This was as good as it got to having both kids looking at the camera. They're looking at John who was doing some sort of antic, well, Joshua is. Kilmeny was entranced by the cardboard. 
The best part about their milkshakes is the whipping cream and cherry. I love little details like that. And they're the perfect size for sharing.
After being properly fortified we were off to Valley Forge, a beautiful place to drive around with lots of gorgeous buildings and history.  
 A little cellar with the cabins. I'm so glad I wasn't a soldier back then- the bunks were short, the cabins were small and on bare dirt.
 Love, love, love the stone on this house. When we build our house, that's the kind of stone we want on the outside. It was George Washington's house and was restored with period furniture and clothing.
 Just for Jared. =)
 The man himself.
 Joshua's day was made when a real train went by and Jared captured the moment. Perfect.

 Kilmeny was quite tired about by all that walking. Poor lamb.
 The field where the soldiers would have gone on parade.
 Just before we pulled out, Ashley and I with our little ones. It was such a treat to have this visit with her. I don't think we went to bed once before midnight. Long talks, laughter in the kitchen, making stirfry, teasing, discussing nutrition and health, re-living memories, tea and ice-cream cake...such a special time. Such a gift. Love you Ashley! 


  1. I'm glad the posts on your wonderful visit are done, because one more perfectly written and relived memory might cause me to go up there to Montreal and drag you back so we can have more! ;) It really was a wonderful, special time, and I love you ever 'n' ever so much!

  2. Breanne, I saw your blog posting on my facebook news feed and stopped to check it out a few days ago. I have been enjoying reading it ever since! I was a childhood friend of the Mosher clan back when we all were growing up in FtMcMurray and it is so nice to be able to keep up with where life has taken you and your obviously precious family! Maybe someday we will meet and until then I will enjoy the blog! I also post a blog at if you ever want to check it out! Blessings



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