Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the Sunday School picnic

 Every summer my family's fellowship has a 'Sunday School picnic' complete with foot races, water balloon toss, three-legged races, tug of war and slog races. . It's always a lot of fun for those watching and participating. This year's just so happened to be on the Sunday when we were visiting and it was held at the Fehr Farm. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fehr, the gracious hosts! They're getting ready for the married couples three-legged race.

 I love this picture for many reasons. =) Kilmeny with her Nana and Papa Funston. 

 More three-legged races. My all-time partner wasn't there so I didn't do it. Caleigh and I have rocked this race for many years. We take it seriously.

 Abel getting psyched for the water balloon toss! 

Drew and Seth. After the water balloon toss. The point is to see what team can toss a water balloon the farthest before it pops. The other point is to get wet.

Karina Fehr. Such a little doll!

 The pyramid
And the pyramid before it fell. I think Seth had an elbow in his back or something. 

 The highlight of the afternoon for me was visiting. I talked and talked with good friends. It was so good to see everybody again and to visit and to catch up with them. I love these people dearly. They're like my extended family. Watching Naomi with her daughter, Morgan (who is now 6) always made me look forward to having my own daughter. Kilmeny was quite willing to go to whoever on this visit which was really nice. =)

She spent a lot of time with her Nana.

Ooh-la-la! Two of my favorite men in the whole world. Love that they are such good friends! 

This is the way to do the slog race, folks. Slow and peaceful. No nasty falls. No scraped up ankles. For those who don't know what a slog race is, you have five people with a foot in each of those burlap bands and you move together-chanting 'left, right, left, right'. That helps you stay together. You are racing another team on the other set of slogs. If you do this bare-footed, it will hurt. If you happen to fall, it will hurt more. And you will once again promise yourself that you will never, ever, do that race again. They just needed one more person. It's that whole girls vs. boys thing. It gets me every time.  And I thought I wasn't competitive....
We didn't win. We fell flat on our faces. But it was fun.

more to come.....

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  1. I'm so glad you got to be there for the Sunday school picnic, it was always so much fun!
    We'll have to do the three-legged race again someday....good times. :)
    And seriously, the only way to win something like the slog race is if everyone is taking it as seriously as you. Things like that are important! :P
    (I think any competitiveness that you lost rubbed off on me. :P)



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