Wednesday, August 18, 2010

family time

The whole reason for this trip was to visit our families. Well, actually it was to shoot a wedding which paid for my ticket which enabled us to spend some visiting time rather then just Jared flying out to shoot the wedding. It was so special to see both our families and both sets of Jared's grandparents. We packed a lot in a short time but it was worth every crazy minute. 

We got to have supper in my family's new house. It's been 5 months since the house burned down and now they have another home to call their own. God is good. It's even the 'right colors' on the outside. Every house that we've lived in has been white with green trim. And we've often painted over boring brown and grey houses to make them the Funston colors. This one was already the right colors. 

We all wore flip-flops. There was a really good sale at Old Navy.  And American Eagle.

 More uncle time! =) Kyle was so good with Kilmeny, he kept her entertained and was very gentle with her. She loved the kittens!

 Abel is the one from my family that everyone thinks Kilmeny looks like. I just think they're both cute. Abel's been my 'brown boy' ever since he was born. I taught him how to read so we have a special bond that only comes from laboring over phonics together. 

  It's the smile. Oh and the eyes that I get lost in. Seriously, he's amazing. 

After spending a few days with my family, we drove back to Edmonton to celebrate Benji's birthday, Jared's youngest brother. Fun times. A table filled with family and Mom M.'s legendary Mexican meal. 

 Mr. Adorable turns 3! 

 My amazing mother-in-law. So grateful for her!! 

  It was really special to see Josh and Ariana again. They drove in and spent the night so we could see them. =) 

 We made the local Starbucks happy. 

 Kilmeny with her 'favoritest' uncle, Josiah. She really digs venti frappachinos. 

 And then we flew home. Ready for the next set of adventures. 


  1. LOVED this post! I love all the pictures of the family that you got, seeing them loving Kilmeny and just being themselves...I wish the world was just a little bit smaller. :)

  2. Starbucks was fun.... Can't wait to see you guys again... :)



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