Tuesday, August 17, 2010

so we went on a trip

Last week we flew to Alberta to spend a week with some of our favorite people and to shoot a wedding. We left at an very early hour of the day (or was it just a really late night?) and did our first flight as a little family. I did not take any pictures of Kilmeny's first flight. I know, can you believe it? I took lots of other pictures though. Here's a glimpse. 
Kilmeny was loved.

Sometimes it was too much for her. 

So her Auntie Virginia rocked her to sleep. 

When she woke up, we had a mini girls party. We painted our nails and took pictures and laughed. I love that I married a man with younger sisters. They are perfect.
 the before shot
the after shot
My feet would be the white ones, I'm spending this summer in the city and wearing shoes outside. It does make a difference! Oh and I'm Irish. ;-) 

Then I spent some time with the three youngest Moshers, just hanging out. Can't you feel the love?

"Okay, Justin, now I need the camera back?"

We tramped around Mom and Dad M.'s new property, seeing where they will build their new house and their plans for the land. It was really nice to have that time in the van with them to talk. We went through our stuff in storage in Moshers' barn, getting clothes for Kilmeny and some winter clothes for us. We went through a lot of bins, laughed a lot and got very dusty. It was fun. 
 I also introduced Kilmeny to a tradition I started with the girls before Jared and I started courting. I fell in love first with his little sisters. ;-) 
We went swinging. On a swingset. Singing Rodgers and Hammerstein at the top of our lungs. Doubled up on the swings 'spider-style'. Priceless memories. 

Then we drove to Jared's oldest sister's home and had a delicious supper with her, her husband and little boy. It was so good to see them again. We visited over cherry pie and ice-cream in their farmhouse. Jared and Josiah were off early to shoot the wedding. I came later with Josh and Rachelle. It was so fun spending that time with them. They are a really fun couple. And we are eagerly waiting for news of their little one due any time now! 
My family was waiting for me as soon as I walked into the doors of the church. It was so good to see them again! So good. 
I didn't take any pictures of the wedding. Sorry. Jared got the best shots at the best times from the best locations. Hundreds of them. (He'll be posting them on facebook, not all of them. Just enough to give a taste)
 Hanging out with Uncle Layne between the ceremony and reception. 
 She spent most of the night with her Nana. And was totally fascinated by her dress from her Grandma. =) 
more pictures to come..... 


  1. Hooray for AB pictures! So lovely to see your time back there...and thanks for the cozy visit earlier on! Love ya!

  2. I love all the pictures! The ones of you and your "new" little sisters look like so much fun!
    I have an idea, how about I have a little girl too, and then when you come over to visit, we can do things like that with our little girls. :)

  3. Layne looks so manly! :-P Loved ALL the family reunion pictures!!



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