Saturday, August 14, 2010


Sometimes babies wake up at night, after they've been snuggled and kissed and said goodnight

 Sometimes they have fevers and spots on their tummy and sometimes it's more then just teething. It's teething and baby measles. 

Sometimes mommies need to be hugged and a strong shoulder to cry on and to be pointed to God.

Sometimes perfectionism creeps in and there is only One Perfect One. 

Sometimes to-do lists need to be ditched and only the really important things remain. 

Sometimes cuddles, walks in the park, story time and love are really only ever the important things. 



  1. That little teddy bear looks so happy in the crook of Kilmeny's arm. :)
    I still struggle with giving up my perfectionist plans for the present needs of little ones. It helps to recognize that when I feel overwhelmed, it is usually my own expectations of myself and my life that are not being met.
    You have so much wisdom Breanne to recognize that now - it took me many more years to see that myself. :(



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