Saturday, July 17, 2010

on my bedside table

There is a library just a couple blocks down from we live. It is one of the smallest libraries I have been in, it is also one of the cutest. The walls are painted a neutral sand color and simply decorated with quotes about books strategically placed on the walls of the library. I was pleasantly surprised that a library card is free and that they have a decent, up-to-date collection. But the best part about the library is that I can order books in from where ever and jaunt down the street to pick them up. 
Currently, on my bedside table or rather beside my bedside table, I have a stack of books that I am working through. Some are read while I am feeding Kilmeny, some are flipped through for inspiration and some are read a few minutes before bed. 

The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands  
She always wore Red
Ask SuperNanny
Ready, Set, Decorate! 
Decorating School 
The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms
And that pretty much sums up my reading interests and who I am. A wife, mom, and home-maker. I love my husband and my little girl so much and I love being able to be home and make it a haven for the three of us and whoever else enters. 

What's on your bedside table? I'm always open to book recommendations!  

And now I'm off to savor a cup of coffee and finish up some scrapbook pages while I wait for Jared to come home from the concert. I bought the coffee solely based on emotion. The blend is called Three Sisters and since I am one of three sisters, I bought that blend. Now before, you think I'm a total emotion-based person, I had to buy coffee beans and this blend just fit the bill. And my two sisters are together tonight so I'm drinking a cup in their honor. 

Enjoy your evening and savor the moments.   


  1. I was just noticing that you hadn't posted for awhile (or maybe I was checking too often!)

    It was sweet of you to think of Caleigh and I as you bought your coffee. They are late arriving tonight and will leave again tomorrow, so we will have a very short visit but it is a visit nonetheless. Do they have Kicking Horse Coffee way out in Ontario?

  2. Yes, they do actually. I was pleasantly surprised. It's nice to have a familiar item like that in the kitchen and to see it on the store shelves. =)

  3. I really like The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, and I think I have seen Ready, Set, Decorate too :-)



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