Monday, July 19, 2010

It was the day after a concert. We stayed up until 2 am the night before, talking and laughing on the couch.  Because we really like being with each other, especially when we've been apart all day and basically all night.
We slept in on Sunday morning. Sort of. The kind of sleeping in you do when you have a baby. 
  I made rhubarb muffins (thanks to my Aunt for the fresh rhubarb!), washed the peaches and poured the coffee. We had a couple hours before the rest of the string players showed up to rehearse for the gig they were playing at later that afternoon.

Then it started. 

The phone rang. It was one of the violists, she wanted to come early since she wasn't coming from her own house and it would be faster just to come here. I said yes. She used our shower and had breakfast with us. I love it when people feel at home with us to ask stuff like that. 

Kilmeny played on her blanket. I visited and cut out paper for my latest scrapbook page. Jared played music. Then the cellist showed up. 

I made fresh coffee. There were still muffins left. He helped himself. They discussed music. I cleaned up my scrapbook supplies from taking up the entire loveseat. 

The other violist arrived. She doesn't drink coffee and didn't want a muffin. They continued discussing their music. I put Kilmeny to bed. I moved myself and my stuff into our room. They practiced. It sounded great. They practiced some more. They all got changed into their black perfomance attire. They left. 

The apartment felt quiet and rather empty. I turned on the music, spread my paper and pictures all over the bed and made beauty. 

The afternoon got very long. And very quiet. I sipped on some cranberry juice, used up the last of my creativity and finally just went for a walk. 

Then Jared came home. And everything was so much better. We made plans to go to our favorite sushi place for a late dinner. We talked and laughed over our oh-so-yummy delicacies. And I kicked myself for not bringing the camera, the presentation of the food is impeccable. It was a fabulous way to end the Sunday and start the week. 


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