Thursday, July 15, 2010

Of moments and memories
Our bed is currently covered in all manner of scrapbooking supplies from paper to stamps to stickers and ribbons. The bedside table holds an album, my idea book, a glass of cold water and other normal bedside table adornments. 
This apartment is cute and artsy but it does lack certain things that would make life just a little easier. Things like a table. We eat our meals sitting on the couch, plates balanced on our knees. We use the computer desk to catch all those papers that seem to be always floating around. And I use the bed and bedside table to scrapbook on. It's all part of what makes life interesting. 

   I have discovered a new method of scrapbooking that works really well for me, here at this place. 
I do all my matching of paper with pictures and adornments at once. So I have all these little piles of 12x12 paper with 3 or 4 pictures, some stickers or stamps, maybe some ribbon and then I clean everything up until I want to assemble them page by page. It's all day affair as I fit it in amongst my other needful duties and delights.  It means that I only take everything  out once every couple of weeks. It means that I can easily transport a project to scrapbook with a friend, like I did earlier this week.  It also means that I can finish a page in a little window of time and hopefully get more scrapbooking done over the summer while still enjoying all the moments and memories of this time. 

And that to me is wonderful. 

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