Monday, July 12, 2010

of salads and wraps 

It has been hot here. I think you all knew that. I have been having great fun in the kitchen creating and making new recipes that don't involve turning on the stove or oven. At least for not long periods of time. We've been having a lot of salads for our dinners. I've come across some recipes that we both love. That means there is meat involved.
Our current favorites are Thai steak salad and Asian chicken and noodle salad. I admit I was drawn to them by the names, we both were. What can I say? They are both super easy, very tasty and filling. A plate of one of these is very satisfying. That would be a generous plate. The best thing about both of these recipes is that they can  be tweaked to your personal preference.

Our lunches often consist of a wrap or sandwich of some kind. However since my bread hasn't really turned out since we moved here, (I'm not sure if its the oven or the change in altitude or just what is, ideas are welcome!) we've been having more wraps then sandwiches. Growing up, I didn't care for wraps. Actually I didn't like them at all. I liked all the rest of my Mom's cooking! She's a great cook. :-) 
So it is only recently that I've delved into all things wrap-ish and I'm quite enjoying this delvement. I'm pretty sure that I just invented two new words there. ;-)
My favorite wrap would be fresh feta cheese, tomato, lettuce and Hungarian garlic sausage wrapped up in a sun-dried tomato and basil tortilla. Very yum. 
The wraps also make a great way to use up leftovers from the fridge or from last night's salad. I peruse the contents of the fridge, see what would go together (beans, rice, cheese and olives) and then put a topping on it (salsa and yoghurt), wrap it and serve. Inexpensive, healthy and no more little bits of stuff in the fridge. 

But sometimes you do need something that is familiar and warm. So that's why tonight's dinner menu is stir-fry over rice. Simple, tasty and familiar. 

What are your favorite summer meals?



  1. When I make bread and even cookies in the east, I have to cut WAY back on my liquids because the humidity is so much altitude changes. Maybe those two things are related. I don't know. Your meals sound DELISH! Triple yum. ;-)

  2. I don't think I've made a loaf of just ordinary bread that's turned out really well since we got married, and it has nothing to do with altitude! :P My banana bread turns out lovely, but it's hard to make sandwiches with it! :P
    It's so funny that you're making wraps more! I am too! Stephen loves wraps in his lunch and I love making them way more than sandwiches. Your ideas sound delectable, I'm going to have to try them!
    One salad that we both really enjoy is a spinach salad with boiled eggs, grated cheese, and crumbled bacon, with a sweet poppyseed dressing. So easy, and so good!
    I love being inspired to cook! The pictures were awesome! :)

  3. I love spinach, so I make a spinach salad every week or every couple of weeks. Fresh spinach, feta cheese, crunchy dark purple grapes (halved), candied walnuts, strawberries, green onion, and cucumber. Topped with garlic prawns or grilled chicken. I use balsamic dressing or sweet onion poppyseed dressing. Jason is not a huge salad guy, but he loves this one! I think I'll make that for lunch today, after our eggs benny breakfast (with tomato, cheddar cheese and bacon) and yummy hollandaise sauce. I love making food, and learning more and more with each meal I make. Love your blogs Breanne, I can see your heart in each one and that is a beautiful thing. God bless you and your family.



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