Thursday, July 22, 2010

Excitement and a to-do list

I'm excited. Tonight I get to go see my favorite violinist play. He's sitting as assistant concertmaster which means I can see him really well from the front row. I will stay in the auditorium the whole concert long since Kilmeny will be spending the evening with some dear friends. I've known Liz basically all my life and so it's fitting that our daughters start their friendship as young as possible. I'm excited that we have friends that are so willing to watch our baby for us so we can have some 'just us two' time. 

The baby in question is now sleeping. I have a list that keeps on growing in my notebook/journal/planner (which I want to tell you all about in a post, someday!). I really shouldn't be on here when I have a list like that but in my defense it does say 'blog post' right on that list. And I didn't just write it now so I could cross it off. ;-) 
I  was a busy beaver this morning working on Kilmeny's scrapbook hence I have scrapbooking stuff spread everywhere which really should be cleaned up before I leave.
I have several different things I want to blog about, including my amazing younger sister who is due to deliver her first baby in a month. If you could pray for her, her husband and the baby, we'd all appreciate it. The baby is in the breach position and it needs to move. Thanks! =) Oh, their names are Caleigh and Stephen.

I love evenings like this when I get to get all gussied up for my man. I'm wearing a dress, something I don't normally wear when I have Kilmeny with me because as a humourous experience taught me, I can't feed her in it. At least discreetly. I'll stop there. 
I'll be spending a little more time in the bathroom, checking my hair, fixing my makeup and hey, I might put some sparkly stuff on as well.  

Okay, I need to run now. I hope all your afternoons are filled with excitement as you enjoy the moments!  

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