Wednesday, July 21, 2010

little girl on the move

Kilmeny has started to move! She's not officially crawling on her hands and knees, she favors the army crawl right now. And can she move fast! She fell off the bed and then the couch within the span of a half hour because we both thought 'she can't move that fast'. Poor baby. It's all part of the process. =) 

This is one of my favorite dresses for her to wear. I love the bright green with polka dots, the bright flower embroidery, the Peter Pan collar and the matching diaper cover. She just isn't wearing it in the pictures. ;-) Kilmeny was getting tired towards the end of the pictures. She kept trying to grab the camera strap from me and was frustrated that she couldn't have it. So I decided to try and get some shots of us together. It was, um, interesting. I put the best one up.

In other 'Kilmeny' news, we went to the babytime at our local library this morning. It was great fun. Kilmeny loved the songs and rhymes and watching all the other babies and toddlers move around. I had fun as well despite being at least 8 years younger then all the other moms. =) And now I'm off to do other computer stuff while Kilmeny naps!

Enjoy your afternoon!!

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