Friday, July 23, 2010

my people 

Can I just say that I love what I do? I love being Jared's wife and Kilmeny's mom. I really do. I'm happiest just puttering around our little home, fixing this, tidying that, making it all nice. I love being a little family. 

I think I've been more grateful this summer for what we have as a couple. We have a stable, secure, loving home. We care about each other enough to say the blunt things. We laugh, talk way too late, enjoy yummy food, have lots of inside jokes, and we just really like hanging out together. Honestly. 
Every day isn't a little piece of heaven on earth. We are human, after all. And Kilmeny does fuss and wake up in the night. And sometimes I get tired of washing the dishes and the floors, again.

I don't think I'll ever forget something that was said to me when we were in New Zealand. We were visiting a community farm with our friends and talking with the owners. The wife of the owner said to me, "Congratulations on getting married." We'd only been married for two months so a lot of people said that to us. But this was different, her tone was so wistful and the look in her eyes went right to my heart.  She had two children and was in a relationship but she wasn't married. And then last night, we were talking about our life with one of the musicians and he said to us, with that same wistfulness, " you guys have a good thing going with your family life." 

And you know what? We really do. We have been privileged to grow up in families where marriage is a commitment you make for life, children are a blessing and relationships are important. That's normal to us. To a lot of people, that's unheard of. And it makes me sad. 

So, I love on my people. I ask daily of my Lord for help to love, for grace, for a smile when I don't feel like smiling. And for a love for those people who who don't know and don't have what I have. 

It's Friday evening here and we've got plans for the weekend. Jared has his one and only(thank-you, Lord!!) overnight concert tomorrow and Kilmeny and I are spending the weekend with friends. We'll be picking blueberries, laughing and talking. And on Monday we have a photo shoot planned at a castle. We've been talking about taking pictures there ever since we saw it and Monday's the perfect evening to do so. I'll share some of those with you, if you really want to see them. ;-) 

Love on your people, dear ones. And enjoy your weekend.     

all photos credit of my amazing husband


  1. Such an encouraging post Breanne! I love how you're loving life, doing what you were made to do, making your home beautiful and homey! It's so easy to take everything for granted, I know from personal experience! :)
    Love, love the pictures of Kilmeny, what a doll! :) Especially the first one, I'm very proud to call her my neice. :)

  2. I's LOVE to see the castle pictures!! :-)



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