Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3 Things that make me Smile! 

Thing 1: 
A peaceful, sleeping baby.
Thing 2:
A peaceful, sleeping baby's foot with  nail polish.

Thing 3:
A cold and refreshing homemade iced coffee. 


And another picture I found on the card when I put it in the card reader. For the record, I did not take this picture. And we were given the darling onesie. 

 And because I know you all want to know how to make such refreshing iced coffee, I'll tell you. 
Place equal amounts of cold coffee (ie. empty the press that has been sitting on the counter all day) and milk, ice-cubes and sweetener in blender. Blend until ice cubes are no longer cubes. Pour into glass. Delight in the froth and enjoy. 
You can vary this by making it stronger (add less ice), a different flavor (try chocolate or butterscotch ice-cream syrup), or simply pour the liquid over the ice cubes. If making coffee for this alone, it's best to add a bit of sugar when it is still hot so the sugar can dissolve. 

Have a pleasant evening friends! 

::::: edited to add: I was going to post pictures and the recipe to an amazing delish salad that I modified from a recipe and a dressing that I created but the pictures on one the other camera that J has with him. So I'll post that another day. These pictures (minus the Canucks one) were taken by me on the 'big' camera, the Nikon D2Xs. I'm slowly mastering it, it's been a goal for um, way too long. 
Off to savor milk and a chocolate chunk cookie and sort through pictures from New Zealand! 


  1. Our family LOVES making chocolate shakes, especially now that the weather is getting hotter! Our simple recipe is: frozen milk cubes (we gets tons of free organic milk, so it's a blessing if we remember to freeze it!), sugar, cocoa, vanilla, and enough milk to help it blend! Yummy! :-D Of course the very best is leftover ice cream, chocolate sauce, and a tad of milk! :-P

  2. Laura, your chocolate shakes sound super yummy. I remember having one the first time I spent the night at your house. I was entranced by the fact that you had milkshakes so late at night. =)

  3. Kilmeny is so beautiful!!

    And yes, we do the chocolate milk shakes too. I freeze chocolate milk into cubes. Then I take a tablespoon of flavored coffee, and two tbsps chocolate chips, and grind until they are about the coarseness of medium to thick ground coffee beans. Then add the milk cubes and blend with either a bit chocolate milk, cream, or cold coffee to match the flavor of beans I ground up, (depending on whether I want the flavor to be more chocolate, creamy, or coffee). SO yummy. We found a really good brand of gourmet coffee at a great price, so I can make any combination of chocolate shake with coconut, chocolate raspberry, caramel and praline, hazelnut, or organic dark roast, shakes. I didn't think I'd be able to taste the coffee enough with just grinding up the beans like that, but it really does add a very discernible flavor. If we're getting REALLY fancy, I'll take homemade caramel or fudge, warm it just enough to be soft, and drizzle it in while stirring. It freezes when it hits the shakes, and makes amazing caramel or fudge bites, like a blizzard. Yum :) I've done it with coffee ice cubes before too, but we like the creamier flavor of milk ice cubes.



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