Monday, October 22, 2012

the gift of the hard times

Sometimes, the words come readily. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes there's time and quiet and a refreshed spirit. Sometimes there's not. 

But, all of it. It is all a gift.

Sometimes you miss your own family so bad. And friends. And the freedom to cry and share and know that she will understand you whether it's teething or tantrums or late nights or style quandaries or emotional roller coasters. 

And sometimes? You step out of your comfort zone and accept an invitation to a bonfire even though your husband is out of town and you have to be the parent, the extrovert, and yourself. Sometimes, you push the stroller all the way up the hill and join in celebrating a little friend's birthday. And through the laughter and sugar-induced excitement and the freedom of little children, you feel small roots going down and friendships becoming. 

And it is all a gift. 

p.s. I wrote this last week but never shared it, Jared is away again this week but I have my brother visiting. I'll share more from our adventures later this week. Thanks for being here. 


  1. Love you heaps, dear Breanne. XO I know how scary it is to start over, to build new friendships just hoping that there will be some kindred spirits, to find your place in a new place. Be brave, dear friend. I know it must be ten times harder with your man away. You are SO brave to go to the bonfire and the party. Well done, you!!! :-) Wishing you kindred souls and deep roots very soon. XO And if you would ever like to chat, I am always here. :-)

    1. Oh, darling! You are such a cheerleader in this journey of being settled and finding ourselves again. I can't tell you enough what that means to me and to Jared.

      Love you so.



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