Friday, September 21, 2012

To my Girlies

Oh, my girls....

Do you know how much I love you? Do you know how much richer you have made my life? Do you know the tears I shed over you, wanting to be a good mom, wanting to do the absolutely best for you?
Do you know that I will be the mama bear if anyone dares hurt you?

You fill my days with so much. I laugh at those who ask what on earth I do all day. Don't they know? Silly people. 

You are my canvases. You are my great life work. 

There is so much to teach you. The art of dressing well (which let's be honest, I'm still figuring out), knowing that flats go with dresses and skinnies. Your sneakers are for jeans. But sometimes, Kilmo you  show me your sense of style and totally rock your converse with leggings and a skirt. I love it. 

The delight in making and enjoying food. It's a gift to be enjoyed slowly and with care. Even if its just peanut butter and jam by the duck pond. 

And there is so much you teach me. That life is beautiful when we are together. That laughing together is the best antidote to grumpy days. 

You both love to dance and we've been dancing a lot lately. You know exactly how to get your current  favorite song on my phone and we twirl around the kitchen, to the sound of the British boys singing about beauty. 

I will always be here to hold your hand and then to let you go as you walk. 

You are loved, my princesses. 



  1. Lovely post. :) Your daughters are blessed to have you as their mother. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.



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