Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Embracing the Messy {finger paint recipe}

The mess that goes along with being a mom at times makes me (inwardly and sometimes outwardly) freak out. The toys, the books, the stuff pulled out of cupboards, the outfit changes, the laundry. It's a constant balancing act of washing, tidying, and putting away.

 But this, this creative mess. I love it. 

The delight on their faces when they realize they can smear the paint everywhere. The mixture of colors that creates new color. The mess that comes when they create.

It's beauty. 

And their sodden pieces of paper are works of art.  

Simple kitchen ingredients come together fast to make the paint. It didn't keep the kids occupied as long as I thought it might but it was fun. I loved the bright colors and smiles as they oozed the paint everywhere. They loved being able to make a mess and create beauty.

What messy beauty are you embracing today?


  1. I'm embracing the hodgepodge jumble that is our life at the moment. :-) Had a minor (read major ;-)) meltdown earlier this week and now I've let it go and am just doing what I can. :-) It's a lovely feeling to let go and be able to see past the to-do list and see the beauty that's in the jumble. :-)

    1. I'm so glad you were able to let it go, that's often the hardest bit, isn't it? =) There is always beauty when we look for it, in amongst the jumble and meltdowns. That's a very familiar story over here too....=)



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