Thursday, July 26, 2012

Of Summer Days on The Farm

It's been a little crazy around here. From thunderstorms that wake us up to lightening flickering at night, enough and often to make me think that Mordor is close. The rain has bucketed down making us in the mood for tea, warm apple crisp and British movies. And it has left the outdoors a complete mess. The mud sticks to your shoes when you attempt any sort of outside activity. So when the storms stop and the sun is shining, we take every advantage of outside time. After all, that's kind of the point of summer, right? 

This particular day we set off for a walk. The boys were on their bikes, we girls walked and Khaira rode along in style on my back in the Ergo.  It was beautiful and we soaked up the sunshine. The goat and the dog came along making for much comic relief.

Every day isn't all happy-happy, filled with walks and trips to the lake and everything else just so. Some days require searching for beauty and good in a mess of emotions and grumpy children. Some days I am blown away by the simple beauty that surrounds me when I choose to see it. 

The simplicity of water droplets on a leaf. The delight little boys have in picking great big stalks of flowers. A simple clover blossom. Life. Health. My girls. The life and dreams I share with my man.

We got home from our walk and I put my floral treasures in a bottle. It sits by my current bathroom mirror as a reminder each day to look for the beauty, enjoy the beauty and make the most of right now. It's all we ever really have. 

 How has your summer being going? =)

\I'm spending this week with my sister, these are some thoughts \I wanted to share. Lots of pictures and moments captured when\ I get back to Alberta. =)

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