Thursday, June 21, 2012

Riverbend Gardens on a Sunday

I am currently sitting on the floor, surrounded by boxes. We're almost ready to move out of this place, my brothers in law are coming on the weekend to move all our stuff to my inlaws, where we'll be living for the summer until we fly out to Nova Scotia. I needed a little reprieve today so I re-visited a favorite day of mine from May. It has become one of my happiest memories from this last little bit. Do enjoy along with me! 

It was a Sunday. The sky was bright blue with lots of fluffy white
 clouds. It was the perfect day to go to the country. And so we did.

My smile grew bigger and bigger as we drove out of the city into the country and down roads I had never been before. I love discovering new places and this one was practically in our backyard. We drove down gravel roads, keeping our eyes peeled for the bright green and yellow signs that would direct us to Riverbend Gardens.  
We've long enjoyed their produce at our local farmer's market and when the opportunity came to show them some support and visit the gardens where our veggies are grown, we were all over it.

 I love the earthy smell of freshly plowed fields, misted over with the slight-ish green tinge of baby plants. It was a treat to walk over the farm and see how well-cared for everything was.

I oohed and ahhed over all the flowers, being very tempted to buy a huge lot of them but reality won and I came away with a bright orange gerbera daisy to brighten my windowsill until we move. I satisfied my beauty craving by taking pictures and enjoying the other people who were setting up their window boxes full of blooms.

A highlight of the day was taking a wagon ride through the woods. We climbed up behind the bright red tractor and set off. Through the woods and  along the river. Past an old apple tree in full bloom and sun-bathed clearings in the woods.

The girls were thrilled to be outside and they loved the wagon ride. I loved seeing their bright faces and exchanging smiles with my man over their heads. 
We left with our gerbera daisy in tow, quite happy and more passionate then ever about supporting our local food scene.

What are some of your happy  moments from this last while?


  1. What an absolutely wonderful day!!! :-) I love it. :-) My happy moment today was my man bringing me hot tea and bran muffins with butter when I was so sick. :-) He's a luv. :-)

    1. Oh, that sounds wonderful. What a good man you have. ;-)

  2. brothers, and sister-in-law :) I have no intention of staying home all by myself while they have all the fun, even if I'm not actually any help :) It was funny though, because as much as this place has just been "a resting place" until we found something better, we have so many memories here and I found that I think I just might miss it. I love that no matter where we go, or where we are, there are so many good memories because the people we love are always with us :)

    1. I love what you said is so true that home is where our people are. And you better be here on Saturday, I'm counting on it. ;-)



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