Friday, June 29, 2012

Bits and Bobs

Just popping in to share a few moments from our week. Tonight I'm typing on our computer while it is set up on a ping pong table in my in laws basement. It's become our temporary home base while we shift focus and locations.

Packing up the trailer with my brothers and sister in law. All of our stuff fits, yay! One more downsize and it will be ready to be moved to Nova Scotia. 

Hours spent in emergency with my girls and my very willing sister in law. Khaira has had a rough couple of months but we're hoping we've turned a corner. It was nothing serious but I've had my share of doctor's offices and hospitals for awhile. 

Saying goodbye to our little hobbit hole in Edmonton. I hate goodbyes and transition time is always hard for me. I took a few minutes while we were cleaning our place to sit and remember all the good and not so good times we've had, so thankful for this time in our lives and the memories we've made. 

Peonies. Gorgeous rain-kissed, fragrant blooms. 

Chalk drawing, bike rides, water fights, visits to the chickens/cows/sheep - we are all loving being at the grandparents! 

Tomorrow night is Jared's big recital , I am so excited for him! It's been an intense month on many different levels and we're both ready for a little quieter pace in July. Famous last words, I know. =) 

What's keeping you busy and happy?



  1. I'm so glad you found a quiet moment to reflect before making your big move. That is so important. I'm cheering wildly for your man at his recital tonight!! :-) I know you're so proud of him and he is SO lucky to have you. :-) XO

    1. Thank-you, Krista! I'm so glad for your support across the ocean, it means SO much. =)

  2. Neat article! Good job, Jared!!



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