Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dancing in June

Life feels really crazy right now. The girls were sick for most of May which is very out of character and I am thankful for the antibiotics that finally seemed to kick their infections. I am so glad to have them laughing again and we are all sleeping better at nights. 

And now we're plunging straight on ahead into packing and moving mode. 
At the end of this month, we'll be all packed up, sorted out, and ready for the next bit of our life in Alberta. We're also getting ready for a big concert also at the end of the month. 

And in between all of that, there's just life stuff. Relationships to keep up, emails to write, questions to ponder and the daily life of being a mom to two busy little girls. 

The introvert in me just wants to run and hide in a shell. 
 I don't always feel ready to dance this dance. 
No one always feels ready to step onto the dance floor, that first step is the hardest. And then the music changes and the steps get faster. 

 But it is all beautiful. 

Sometimes the beauty isn't found in the perfect. It's actually almost always found in the imperfect mess of the everyday life. Where moments happen so fast that you want to breathe it all and just freeze time.Where little girls laugh together, and the floor doesn't seem to stay clean, and dinner is simplicity at it's best. Where you make time for 11 year old birthdays and lunchtime picnics with aunties. 

I'm dancing today. Smiling at the fast-paced music that is making up my life. And choosing to enjoy it, one step at a time. 

What does your life look like right now?


  1. Messy. :-) Lots of sad news today, hard stuff that initially breaks the heart. Moving into the acceptance phase now, trying to find gratitude in the midst of it. Happy for sunshine and a sleeping puppy next to me and garlicky Turkish bread cooling on the counter. Wishing you strength for this dance, my friend. :-)

    1. Oh, I'm glad you had sunshine today. Sounds like you needed it. Life is messy and it seems there's often hard stuff coming down the chute...much love to you as you process. XO

  2. Life can be an exhausting dance. Full of new moves that never give you the chance to learn the old ones. My dance is fast and full of change. And I'm trying to give God the chance to teach it to me...

    1. I hear you...really I do. I've been there, I am there....thanks for being here. =)



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