Tuesday, June 12, 2012

10 on 10: June Edition

I started out with good intentions this month, being on a family weekend trip to Jasper helped me remember to take lots of pictures. And so I did. Until we were on the way home. The rain, the mud, the getting stuck in the mud, the finding supper and the unloading of everything kind of distracted me from taking more pictures. But here's my set for this month. 

1. Probably one of my favorite moments from the weekend. We walked down to the very full and  very fast-flowing river amongst the pinecones and wild strawberry flowers. It was so nice to just be the four of us and to treasure the sacredness of our family. 

2.My treasures. 

3. Baby Markus was such a highlight to be cooed over by his older cousins and uncles. 

4. I love his bright eyes!

5. My girl, in a rare quiet moment. 

6. Mother and son. Love the love and safety that is depicted here. 

7. Coffee before we started the drive home. 

8. Special treats from a special bakery. 


  1. all those babies are so precious! And I'd love a bite of that pastry!!

  2. Aw, thank-you!! I love the little ones too. =)

  3. Is that the Bear Paw Bakery in Jasper? We took our sons to the Rockies and Vancouver Island in 2003 and we went to Bear Paw for breakfast one morning. Lovely pictures!

    1. Yes, it is in Jasper! Oh, you chose some beautiful parts to visit! =)



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