Thursday, May 17, 2012

Following the Spark

After last week, I was quite ready for a different sort of week when it came to be Monday. We had the loveliest of weekends and I felt refreshed and ready to handle whatever might happen. But I also knew for my own sanity and for the girls' sake that I would set the rhythm for the week a little different then our normal routine.

We would follow the spark. 

We would take advantage of the beautiful weather and let it dictate our days a little more. 

 We would eat lunch at the park and then blow bubbles. Because it is beautiful out. And sunshine does wonders for restoring one's soul.

  would say yes to a spontaneous invitation to spend the day with a friend and her little girls. Honestly, she mentioned popsicles and sitting in the sun and talking and I was all over it.I got a lovely tan burn to show just how long we sat and talked while our girls slept. 

We would do necessary errands timed so that we get in a visit with cousins. And I was refreshed again by chatting with my sister in law and sharing all sorts of life stuff with her. 

And it has been a different sort of week, filled with all sorts of lovely and a few not-so-lovely bits too. I'll be honest, there were more messes then I care to admit and the floor's needed washing all week. I don't live in a strawberry cream patch, I just like to dwell on the nice bits and let the other stuff go.

What do you do to 'follow the spark'?


  1. I love this, Breanne. :-) I've been working so hard on various projects that require me to be stuck in front of my computer, so yesterday I followed the spark by turning off said computer and going outside. I puttered in one of my gardens and got it all beautifully tidied and ready for some winter plantings. That felt heavenly. :-) Today I'm going to watch a British murder mystery while I work. :-)

  2. Oh! Gardening and British murder mysteries sound simply marvelous! I haven't watched a good British movie for a while, time to remedy that. =)

    I'm so glad you followed the spark, it does wonders, doesn't it? =)



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