Sunday, March 25, 2012

Project 365 -Week 7

March 18- 25

1. On the first day of spring, we made spring eggs! It was such a fun project to do with the girls, a cheap way to decorate for spring and a great hands on activity.

2. I bought the girls matching sandals at a consignment store. Kilmeny loves wearing them around the house and she also loves to include Khaira in her fun. I can't wait for summer for them to wear them all the time!

3. Lunch was going to be a hurried affair after a morning out but I decided to make it fun for the girls and serve it up picnic style in the living room. They loved it! Kilmo was so cute at sharing her apple slices for Khaira to nosh on.

4. This is probably my favorite picture of the girls this spring. I was trying to get a sister picture at the park with them both looking and smiling but I liked this one the best of all the ones I took. This was Khaira's first real park outing and she loved it!

5. I walked up one day and met Jared for chai at the new Remedy Cafe. Best.Chai. Ever.

6. French braids in Kilmo's hair! And her cute profile.

7. I love shopping at the Italian Centre, this sign made me smile.

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