Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Little Mid-Winter Decorating

I've been doing a little decorating, a little re-purposing, and a little organizing lately.
This is the first house we've lived in where there's been an actual room to decorate and accessorize for Kilmeny and I've been quite excited about doing it. I like most peoplefind tremendous fulfillment in seeing an idea come to fruition.

Part of my purpose in doing this was that I wanted to get rid of the random baskets where I was storing her books, toys, blocks etc. Inspired by Pinterest I wanted to create a little nook for her to read and play. A place to spark her creativity and make her room an inviting place to spend time. As well as making it a little easier to keep tidy. 

The thrift store was the next stop where I got these three big pillows, intending to re-cover them at home. But that didn't really happen. They sat against the wall for a few days while I played around with different ideas. And then it was back to the thrift store I went to see what fabric I could find to cover them. I didn't find anything except a pair of pillowcases in the color I wanted. So I bought them.

Here's what I did:

Sorted through all the toys and books, putting some of the toys away in the closet and shelving some of the books.
Michaels was having a sale on baskets so I got three that would store the books, toys, etc nicely and that didn't scream 'kids room'.
I thrifted the pillows and the fabric. The ribbon is from my stash, I  had literal yards of the pink polka-dotted ribbon and have used it for everything. I used one of the pillow cases to cover a pillow, the other one sits forlornly waiting for another purpose.
I made the flowers one morning with Kilmeny 'helping' me which involved her emptying my fabric bin and thread and Khaira lying on the floor taking it all in.

Just to keep it all real, moments after these pictures were taken, the book basket was emptied, the cushions were in the middle of the room and both girls were quite ready to eat and have a nap. =)

Any projects on the go around your home?


  1. We had a house-guest for 10 days and now that he's gone home I am planning to re-organize the bedroom and living room... I think I'll be putting away a TON of Miss Boo's plethora of stuffed animals in the process!!

    1. It does feel so good to do a little re-organizing, doesn't it? I am always amazed at how much Stuff these little people accumulate! =)

  2. Cute Breanne! I'm sure she loves it! And don't you love when they "help" you? :)



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