Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bits of Stuff

I had high hopes for this blog and I this year. I had lots of great ideas I wanted to try out, new avenues to explore, and a blog overhaul that I wanted to happen. 
But here it is, January 12, 2012 and none of that has happened. 
And actually I'm okay with that. 

The picture that will not be gracing everyone's fridge this year but it makes me laugh. And we all have these sorts of photos, right? (Don't worry Mom and Dad, we got some good ones!)

Life has been happening instead and I've been pretty quiet for awhile in this little space of mine. Christmas and New Year's were quite memorable this year, we all got sick. All meaning all of us four in this little family and basically all of my husband's family. We were all spending Christmas together at his parents' house, and we pretty much all got hit with a nasty bug. All 30 of us. Yeah, we made some memories. 
We actually did travel south to my family's for New Year's which was very special. I made the decision to go based on the theory that just hearing your mum's voice makes you feel better, being with you should definitely make you feel better. And it worked. The girls and I stayed while Jared went back to work and I just rested and let my Mum take care of me. It was really wonderful. I haven't been that sick for several years and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I'm just so grateful now to have some drive and motivation back! 

I have a few goals for this year. Actually I have lots of goals but I'm not really a post-everything-on-my-blog kind of person so you'll find out about them over the year as I pursue them. ;-)
The one phrase that seems to be a theme for this year is embrace the moment. I know, I write a lot about that here. But I want to live in each moment this year. The lovely ones where we read stories and snuggle on the couch and go to the park and the sun is shining and we are so happy together. And the not-so-lovely ones where the questions keep coming and I don't know the answers and I wish I was 6 when life seemed so simple and why does it always seem so dark sometimes and the house isn't clean, the laundry isn't done, and I feel like I haven't gotten anything accomplished all day.
Embrace each moment. The beautiful imperfection that is life. In my house and in me. 
So tell me, do you have lots of goals for this year? Do you have a word or a phrase that is yours as you anticipate the new year?


  1. Mine is actually pretty similar - only the words in my mind have been "cherish" and "savour"... :-)
    Especially with the baby coming, I want to really focus on our home life, my children, and my sweetheart, and just cherish all those "us" moments - even the crazy ones!

    Love that first pic by the way! :-)

    1. Love it, Rachelle. Those would be my secondary words. ;-)

  2. Aww... I *love* the family picture!!! :-D

    A new year's 'goal': desiring to hunger and thirst for righteousness!!

    1. The picture never ceases to make me smile. Awesome goal. =)

  3. I;m so glad you're back...I've missed you. :) That sickness sounds nasty!!! Erik and I was sick over Christmas, but you had it way worse. I'm glad you're getting better! And I'll look forward to seeing the Funston "official" shot! Love you lots. You're a great mom. :)

    1. I'm glad to be back too, I love that we have this way to keep connected between our yearly visits. ;-) Jared took a bunch of pictures so I'm hoping to do a post with them, at some point. =) Love you too!

  4. My husbands and I's goal this year is to not only have visions of creative pursuits, but to actually pursue those visions and have something to show for it. We have a lot of ideas we toss around on a regular basis and this year we want to take the bit in our teeth and do something about them while we can. :-) Another thing we see a lot more of in our life this year is doing fun, simple activities together now that we are no longer working on the house every spare minute. I'm already loving quiet evenings together, reading before bed, having a friend or two over and talking about life, Christ, relationships, etc., and then comparing our own personal notes and thoughts about it afterwards. It is so wonderful to have just the right companion to go through life with. :-)

    Ok, I think I'm done now. ;-)

    P.S. Tomorrow I hope/plan to make fascinators with my sis just because I've wanted to, and it is something creative and girly to do together, and then in the evening to work on a painting I have started. I need to start acting now if I am going to make the most of the time I have.

    1. I love it, 'not only have visions of creative pursuits, but to actually pursue those visions and have something to show for it'. That is tremendous and I find it inspiring as it seems like there are lots of good intentions but few people actually make them happen. Good on ya, you guys!



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