Thursday, September 8, 2011

snippets of thought

I hear music playing. 
Jupiter from The Planets by Holst. And I am transported to another place and another time. 
My eyes fill with tears as I remember the moments that transpired while that music played, out under a bright blue sky. Remembering how my eyes filled with tears then as I watched a beautiful girl wearing all white walk down the aisle on her father's arm. 
We all cried a little that day. 

It was beautiful. So very, very beautiful.
They said their vows to each other, written from the recesses of their heart. 
And I felt that we were all peeking in on a sacred moment. History was being written and we were all witnesses. 
The two of them together made everyone else smile because of their happiness. 

And every time that music is played, I will remember that day and all of its moments. 

Life is filled right now with moments that cause me to stop and catch my breath and try to take it all in. The sheer exhaustion at the end of the day and the way that cuddling my Khaira-baby relaxes every last part of me. 
The way my Kilmo-girl laughs and cries out for 'more, more' and we concede and the room is filled with the giggles of a little girl. 
The looks my husband gives me that make my heart beat a little faster and I find myself falling in love all over again. 

I'm here, still. Drinking up the moments, remembering that these are the days that so many memories will come from, knowing that I was made for this and wanting to live this time, this season to the full.

Drink up your moments and make those memories with your dear ones. 


  1. I officially like this post!

    There probably wasn't a dry eye to be found anywhere that beautiful afternoon. But I'm not totally sure of that, cause I wasn't looking at everybody. They were both too stunning for words.

  2. A beautiful post Breanne! Is it your anniversary today? Or very soon?

  3. Merissa, it was a magical day, wasn't it? =)

    Ashley,yes it 8 days. =)



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