Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday's gifts


falling in love with my precious Khaira

loving my Jared even more as I watch him hold Khaira

delighting in my Kilmeny's energy and excitement

resting and knowing that it is the best thing for me, right now

learning, again, to live in the moment

snuggling Khaira on my chest and watching her breathe

 seeing Kilmeny loving on her little sister

having family and friends delight in Khaira

and bringing Starbucks and meals 

having family so willing to help out 

tiny toes and fingers

little baby noises

 weepy moments 

feeling very overwhelmed yet so very content

my Jared speaking words of truth to me

the way he cleans house, does laundry, and serves me

  beautiful pink-tinged roses

texts, emails, facebook notifications, phone calls

being a Mom to two precious little girls


  1. What beautiful blessings! Congratulations, your now a mommy to two adorable little girls!!!!

  2. My dear Breanne, wishing so much I could give you a big squeezy hug right now, then bustle about waiting on you hand and foot so you could just rest and be. :-) I love that in the midst of feeling overwhelmed, you're finding such good things to cheer your heart. Much love to you. :-)

  3. Lisa, thank-you so much!

    Oh Krista, your comment made my morning and I felt refreshed by you....I would love to have you here but I am SO enjoying your posts about your experiences. It is lovely to travel vicariously through you. =)

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for posting pictures of your new little treasure. How precious the way her sister loves on her. These truly are days to savor each moment.......and get rest whenever you can. You take naps when they take naps!!! Other things can wait. Blessings to you 4!!! Love and prayers, Sandy

  5. Sandy, thank-you for your encouragement!! I am learning to let go more and more and just be in the moment. Your prayers mean a lot. =)



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