Friday, July 22, 2011

Rain, football, and friends

We went on a date. On the weekend. In the rain. And it was fun. 

We had been given tickets to a football game and that was one of the things on our summer list- if we had the money and the time to do so. The tickets were free and since we were already spending the weekend with family, we had the time and Kilmeny was very well looked after. 
I have watched football games and I have played a version of football. And in what has become part of our family's story, my husband and I had our first real conversation throwing a football which resulted in me spraining my fingers which resulted in us spending more time together....anyway.....

All that to say, neither one of us are huge football fans. We enjoyed watching the game and when everyone else cheered, so did we. 
The home team, Edmonton Eskimos just happened to be playing the Hamiliton Tiger Cats- the city we lived in last summer so there was bit of an affinity for the TiCats. But mostly we cheered for the Eskimos. 

It was rainy. And cold. And when it wasn't raining, the seats were still wet. 
But we had so much fun together. We got hot dogs and got ketchup all over our hands. We cheered and we laughed at how little we knew of the game. And we took a picture just to commemorate our first football game together.

On the way home, we realized something important about those couple of hours. We had fun together, we made a memory of our friendship and we did something we haven't done before. We've gone on dates before, we've had fun before, we love going out together. We can get all glammed up and enjoy a nice dinner and good conversation. But sometimes its fun to do something totally different then a typical date night, something that best friends would do together. Like watching a movie with chips and salsa and yogurt. Like going to a football game and cheering when they score a touchdown. Like just reading together on the couch with some ice-cream and tea. 
And just enjoying being friends.

What are your favorite things to do with friends?


  1. *happy smile* :-D Sounds wonderful! :-)

  2. I love that you guys did this. :-) I'm not a big sports fan either, but I sure like going to games with my sibs now and then to eat garlic cheese fries and cheer wildly just for the heck of it. :-)



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