Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Strawberries, potatoes, chives, oh my!

Last night, amidst the rain and thunder, we picked up our CSA (community supported agriculture) produce for the week. This is our fourth week getting fresh vegetables from a local, organic farmer but this is the first week that there has been an abundance of vegetables. 
It was a cold, wet spring and it's been a cool summer so the whole garden has been delayed. 
There wasn't much to write about in the earlier deliveries. The very first one was comprised of garlic scapes and radishes. And the next one had a small bunch of rhubarb to accompany the garlic scapes. Not very exciting. 
But it's all part of the experience. 

Last night though, there was a plethora of vegetables that made me quite excited to think of ways to use them. 
Fresh, new potatoes, a lovely head of leaf lettuce, a big bunch of something dark green and leafy (kale, I think), a punnet of strawberries, radishes, chives, and more garlic scapes.

Tonight's supper will be new potatoes slathered with butter and chives along with a Caesar salad accompanied by watermelon cubes. 
I'm thinking the dark green leafy vegetable will be delightful steamed with butter alongside some brown rice, steak (for which the garlic scapes will play a role in the marinade), and a greek salad for tomorrow night. 

The radishes will be eaten whenever there is fresh veggies served. And the strawberries are the perfect topping to granola in the morning. 

You can taste the soil and the rain and the sunshine in these vegetables. They taste real and full of flavor. 

And like any good thing, they are definitely worth the wait. 
We can't really have a garden where we are right now and with the baby due in a few weeks, this was not the summer to experiment with container gardening. So when there were some shares available through Sparrow's Nest Farm, we were quite excited. It suits us perfectly as the produce is fresh, local, and organic but all we have to do is pick it up each week.

I'm excited about the rest of the summer's deliveries and the inspiration the food will provide for our meals!

What summer foods are you enjoying right now?


  1. Pineapple and papaya! I was randomly given some fresh papaya last week, and we decided to buy a fresh pineapple this week. They're all chopped up together in a big bowl in my fridge for snacking - YUM!
    Also, avocados grow in peoples' yards here in Hawaii so we have one of those in the fridge as well, and the promise of more on the way! :D

  2. Oh girl, what a treasure trove of delights!! I'd love to be a guest at your table the next few nights. :-)

  3. Holly, wow!! We loved all the fresh fruit when we honeymooned in Hawaii, incredible that you get to have that every day. =)

    Krista, I would love to have you at our table. =)



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