Friday, July 29, 2011

Love you forever, like you for always

When I was little, there was this one book that always made my Mom cry whenever she would read it to me or any of my siblings. 

I didn't get it. 
It was a sweet story and perfect for a pre-bedtime snuggle. 
I read it to my younger brothers and I didn't cry.

And then I saw it, at a library book sale, and knew I wanted it for my own daughter's library. 
To read it to her while we snuggled on the couch. 

I sat on the floor of her bedroom and pulled her onto my lap and began reading the book. 
And I started to tear up. Then I started to cry. I could barely read the words for the lump in my throat. 
And I'm sure she didn't understand why I was holding her so tightly.  

It wasn't just pregnancy emotions that made me tear up that day. It was the sweet and timeless story of a mother's love for her child. The love that my Mom has for me and the love that I have for my little Kilmo-doll and for this new little one. 

Some days are absolutely crazy and we all breathe a sigh of relief when bedtime comes but I think every mum does creep into their child's room, watches them sleep and whispers sweet, soft words of love to their little one.

"I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be."

- Love You Forever by Robert Munsch 


  1. teared up just reading about you reading that book to Kilmeny... definitely one we'll have in our kid-library!

  2. My grandma used to read that to us :-)

  3. I always cry when I read that to the boys too! Peter always looks at me funny... I made the little poem into a song I sing to the boys before bed... :-)


  4. I LOVED that book! And I confess, I teared up as I read it here, just remembering.
    I definitely want that book for our library someday. :)



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