Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CSA: take 2

I confess.
I gave a little squeal of delight when I went to pick up our CSA 
order on a damp Tuesday afternoon. There were lots of bins filled with the beautiful produce. The lettuce leaves glistened in the light, the heads all covered with little droplets of water. The carrots practically begged to be eaten right then and there. You can taste all that went into them- the soil, the rain, the sunshine, the hard work of keeping a garden. 

Oh yum. 

I looked through the bin of swiss chard, choosing a bunch with red stalks over the yellow stalks simply because it looked pretty.

And then there were the strawberries and the potatoes and the beet greens and the radishes. I felt rich as I put all that goodness into my bag and then unloaded it into the fridge. 
I love opening the fridge and seeing all the fresh greens practically popping off the shelves. 
I'm not sure yet how I will use everything. I still have some greens that I purchased from the store before I got the greens from the CSA. Yes, I was impatient. Organic spring greens somewhat satisfied my craving for freshness but I now feel fully satisfied by my lovely heads of butter and leaf lettuce. 
I think I might try out this recipe for lettuce soup. It looks interesting and is a creative way to use the lettuce rather then all in a salad. 
I will definitely be making some salads with all the different greens and dressing them with a simple vinaigrette so that the flavors and textures shine through. 

But that's as far as I've gotten with my ideas. I would love to have some new thoughts on what to do with the swiss chard and beet greens. 

Do you have any recommendations for this bounty?


  1. Kraft has a new dressing out - Mango Chipatole. It is WONDERFUL!!! I am going to try to clone it with healthy oils and honey.
    I like to lightly stir-fry some mixed veggies (sweet onion, mushrooms, garlic, peppers, broccoli, etc) until the onions are clear (even better if slightly charred!) Then I toss these hot veggies in with my lettuce and spinach drizzle with my favorite vinaigrette to make a wilted salad that is very tasty and different than a completely raw salad.

  2. We LOVE steamed beet greens w/ a wee bit of salt/pepper/butter...

    Or, if you have TONS of beet greens, you can mix together rice/dill/fried onions/salt and roll that in the beet green, layer in a pan, cover with cream, and bake. SO YUMMY! if you want a more accurate recipe... :-)



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