Thursday, May 26, 2011

We're going on a Treasure Hunt

The day started early in a very delicious way, I stopped by a favorite bakery for breakfast and she brewed hot drinks. Then we were off to find what treasures we could in other people's yards.

We each had a list of things we hoped to get but even if we didn't get anything, the time together was very special. I love going to garage sales, not only is it a frugal way to purchase items, it's a fun way to spend several hours with a good friend. My sister, Caleigh, and I had a blast together. We would point things out to each other that we knew the other wanted, divide up the awesome book stashes we came across and ask each others opinion on clothes we found.

Kilmeny's summer wardrobe got a major boost for just a few dollars. My little girlie-girl was delighted by her shoes and shirts. I was delighted by an almost new copy of Charlotte's Web for a extremely low price. 


Can't you just imagine this cake safe holding a decadent chocolate layer cake or being piled with fresh scones? I will be making a torte soon, I think. It was one of my favorite finds from the day. I purchased it from a family who is moving to Italy, I felt in this small way I was part of this tremendous adventure they were embarking on and that made me happy.

 And one of my other favorite finds from the day, I wasn't even looking for something like this and I hesitated before buying it. But now I'm so glad I did. It adds that little something to Kilmeny's room and provides a perfect place for her to sit and color while I am busy. 

All in all, it was a wonderful day filled with lots of special moments and fun purchases with one of my favorite people.

My three recommendations for going to garage sales:

Have a limit whether it's cash, space or time; you'll go home with more things that you actually want to keep.

Start early and make it an event by getting breakfast on the way, and bring fun snacks. This may be just a pregnant woman talking but I'm always happier when I have just a little something to nosh on.

Hit the high end neighborhoods, they tend to have high quality stuff for really good prices!

What are your secrets for scoring great deals?


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