Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a picnic

It was the long weekend, the first bookend of the summer, and we wanted to do something special with special people to celebrate. It was Queen Victoria's birthday but our menu didn't look very British.
We've been soaking up every time we spend with these special people, they're moving in less time then I like to think about and we just love being with them. It's a childhood dream for my sister and I to be living close to each other like we have been for the last six months.

We were going to go camping but decided to save that for next year when we have more time to plan and to book a place and when we have doubled the number of kids. Because we're like that. 
Plan B was a hot dog roast complete with s'mores but a province wide fire ban canceled that idea. So we settled for a picnic in our front yard and barbecued the smokies instead. It turned out beautifully. 

The kidlets were happy in their chairs and thrilled with the idea of eating outside.

We had lots of yummy food - potato salad made in the style of my Nana, all natural Kettle Chips(so we could feel good about eating 'junk' food), fresh veggies, the regular condiments (which will be all homemade next year, if my experimenting turns out this fall) and drinks.

The weather was perfect, the company superb, and the mosquitoes were few. It really was one of those times that everything worked out and we laughed and talked and ate s'mores after the kids were asleep. And knew that we were making a memory that would become a tradition in years to come.

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  1. Sounds positively delightful! And the homemade condiments you speak of for the future sound great! I'd love to do that one day as well.



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