Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a little tour of a little girl's room

Little by little our house is becoming a home with second-hand furniture finds, gifts from friends and treasures being unpacked from where they were stored in rubber maid bins.

Kilmeny's room is one that I have been anticipating setting up and decorating for some time. And it has been so fun. I still have a few touches that need to be completed but I thought I'd let you see what it looks like as it is. 

I love classic children's books, whimsical and feminine touches, and of course, organizational systems that work and look pretty. So, all of that inspired Kilmeny's room.

We got the dresser and hutch off of kijiji, it was covered in stickers but I knew that once they were removed it would work perfectly for her room. We got it for a really good price which was a further encouragement to not buy retail. It's all about being a good steward of what we have.

 This little figurine was a baby gift for Kilmeny and though I'm not a huge fan of knick-knacks, this was too cute and I love it! 

 What the room looks like if you were to stand in the doorway. There are tons of windows in our place which I love but we needed something to block the light in Kilmeny's room. She was waking up too early, too often. So we have not-so-pretty-but-practical black fabric covering her windows and it does the trick quite nicely. 

And one of Kilmeny's favorite places to play, her shoe collection. She often asks to switch her shoes several times a day and loves playing with him. "Boot" was one of her first words.

What inspires you as you personalize your space?

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  1. It looks beautiful Breanne! The yellow of the walls looks so cheerful and I LOVE the dresser, you must have had to work pretty hard to get all those stickers off!!!!
    Good job!



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