Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A beautiful weekend

And there are so many moments to be remembered from it.


the first Saturday in a very long time where we just relaxed as a little family

invigorating morning walk through the forest, alongside a creek

pain au chocolat for breakfast and bread for the week from our favorite bakery

wandering through shops and a farmer's market, reveling in the time together 

getting caught in the rain and running the last part home

dinner with my great uncle and aunt 

laughter around the table despite a very grumpy Kilmeny 

chilling at my sister and brother-in-law's house with a movie and pumpkin pie

talking with my sister, both cozy under blankets, like we used too before we were married

the sound of our neighbor's water garden greeting us each time we step outside our door

Mother's Day brunch at a great little cafe despite not feeling very good 

eggs benny with smoked salmon and asparagus

 another walk through the valley and up the hill, all for a half-price coconut creme frappuccino

my husband who loves to spoil me and knows the little things I like 

my little girl who makes me smile every day 

finding the exact dresser we wanted, second-hand, in great condition

tea with milk and honey 

an inspiring book to read in the evenings

God who is so gracious to me and gives enough for each day 

feeling little baby kicks

our home



  1. Funny how some of those things are things that I'm grateful for too! :) It was fun spending so much time with you guys this week!

  2. so so so beautiful!!!!
    did Kilmeny get a haircut? She looks darling! and that last photo of you guys is really great!

    yay for little baby kicks!!!!

  3. Caleigh, I loved this last week, it was really fun!

    Ashley, thank-you! =) I trimmed Kilmeny's bangs since they were getting a little long and she does not like her hair being done anymore. It's a stage, I'm hoping. =P



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