Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Counting My Gifts

weekends off for family time
milestone birthdays and the whole family celebrates 
bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds 
shrieks of delights and enthusiastic hugs 
 cousins and how they play together
little girl's delight in shoes
chocolate chip and walnut cookies
late night games and teasing
Saturday morning snuggles 
heaps of buttered toast and omelets to make a birthday breakfast
spontaneous Starbucks date with time to talk 
preparing a Mexican feast all together 
sharing the wonder of capturing moments with my nephew
yummy food 
late night visit with my brother
a new-to-us stroller complete with accessories 
mid-afternoon feast with more family 
happy news
more late night visiting 
our hobbit hole full of family
tea lights flickering in the windowsill 
fresh, clean laundry 

1 comment:

  1. lovely! I need to start counting the gifts again!!



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