Friday, March 4, 2011

Books and blocks

I love children's books. I always have. Captivating stories, beautiful illustrations, cries of  'can you read it again?'. I love giving books as gifts because it gives me an excuse to wander through the bookstore or online store finding the perfect book. 

Recently I have discovered that I also love children's toys. Now that I have a daughter of my own, I'm quite particular as to what books she has and what toys she plays with. I want each to be special, not be played with for a brief span and than forgotten about. I had a discussion with a friend once who told me of their list of toys for their children. At the time I thought it was a bit over the top but now I completely agree. Toys that are made of natural fibers intrigue me. Toys that have been around for decades delight me. Toys that can be collected over time will catch my attention. 

My sister and I share this affinity for books and toys. We can talk for hours about books that we want to add to our collection and get excited when we find toys that meet all of our criteria. She gave the block sorter to Kilmeny because she knew I would love it and it was exactly the sort of toy that I want Kilmeny's collection to be built. Fun, educational, wooden, and long lasting. 

Kilmeny's library is slowly growing as well. I snatch up books at garage sales and thrift stores whenever I see them and then she gets given books by sweet friends who already have a copy of a book and so pass it on to Kilmeny. My passion for books as gifts has caught on as most of Kilmeny's Christmas gifts were books of various sorts. Oh, delight! She loves to have stories read to her and also loves to sit and 'read' books. It is so fun to be able to pass on our love of good books to her.   

What are some of your recommendations for Kilmeny's library and toy box?


  1. Joshua would recommend "Thomas and Friends." The books, the movies, the little toy trains and tracks, the books, the movies, the little toy trains and tracks, the books the can there possibly be life outside of Thomas? he wants to know. haha. Well, except for Toy Story, and all the boyish delights of dirt and sticks and treasured pieces of shingles that might be found lying in the backyard. (slight exaggeration warning)

  2. Bill Peet. Books where Steven Kellogg is either author or illustrator. I loved them when I was a kid and I still love them. Specifically, look at The Rattlebang Picnic. I think you'll like that.

  3. I adore children's books too! :-) I have two shelves packed with picture books, then another couple of tween-ish ones. Such great stories, easy reads, and fantastic imaginations. :-) The illustrations are the first thing I look for and for fairy tales I know of none more amazing than Kinuko Craft, Elsa Beskow, Laurel Long, Jill Barklem and of course, the marvelous Jan Brett. :-)

  4. Oh, I LOVE collecting children's books and old fashioned, sturdy wooden toys for my hopechest!! Two things in particular I remember and love from my childhood are a toy phone (1930's style on wheels with a blue "hoof", and it's eyes closed and opened when you pulled it around), and a toy that "popped" balls in a globe when you pushed the 'broom' handle. Hmm, I probably don't make sense, but I want to find these! :-)

  5. P.S. Here are links to the two toys I was talking about :-)

  6. I loved reading all your comments and getting new ideas as well as being reminded of old friends. =)

  7. I LOVE books too! And, while I may not have the same passion for wooden/long lasting/natural toys, I am VERY passionate about the subject matter of my books, and the educational ability of my toys! (that being said, I am needing to do yet another clean through - toys just seem to gather without us buying them...)

    One of my very favorite spots to get books is AiG - we love D is for Dinosaur. Also, Stephen Elkin has some amazing kids books. We gave Peter God's Promises ABC for his 1st bday, and he loves the pictures (and I love the words).

    *happy sigh* :-)



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