Thursday, January 20, 2011


Sometimes you just need to go shopping. For a girls party. And buy everything on your list and then more because it's pretty. And you need to laugh by the deli counter because you can and you are sisters. 

Sometimes you need to twirl your daughter and watch her eyes light up when she sees you. 

Sometimes you need to flirt with your husband and just enjoy being out and about as a twosome because you can. 

Sometimes you need to be in a library with a book and take a nap on the comfy couch because there's no one around. 

Sometimes you need to meet a friend and sit in red chairs and sip yummy hot drinks and talk and listen and talk and listen and wonder where on earth did the time go?

Sometimes you need to get off the computer and curl on the couch with a big fluffy blanket and your book and just read. 

Sometimes that's how my day goes and I don't get anything done on my list but I lived and it was lovely.


  1. Oh this post is so lovely Breanne! I openly admire your philosophy (can it be called that?) on living and strive for it myself! I believe that is the fullness Jesus himself lived and has given us. He spent ALOT of time curled up in Proverbial red chairs talking and listening with those he loved too, didn't he? :)

  2. Thanks Breanne. Sometimes it's hard to see the value of a to-do list still unscratched at the end of a day, to know that the mullings of the moment could be God-ordained for daring deeds coming later. But always, always, it is good to know you are alive, and exist because God said so, and takes pleasure in you.

  3. Sounds to me like there's lots happening in this recitation - the important things. :-) And, I am SO looking forward to that girl's part!




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