Monday, January 17, 2011

bits and pieces and always learning

 It's been a quiet week of frigid temperatures and non-stop snowfall. The cold affected our internet connection and the mouse went wonky and my little girl is transitioning (on her own accord) from two naps a day to one nap in the afternoon. All of it adds up to not a lot of time spent on the computer which has been nice actually.

 Sometimes though it feels like I'm taking one step forward, two steps backward trying to figure everything out. Life in a new place, staying with family always has challenges. Trying to keep things somewhat familiar for my little girl when everything is all new for her. Remembering to trust and live in the grace for today. For myself and then looking at others through eyes of grace, not judgement.

Knowing that the future which is so unclear to me is not unclear to our Father and it is He who is leading us. That much I know for certain. 

I had many high hopes for this month and plans that I was going to accomplish but I haven't and I'm realizing that that's okay. I'm learning other things, being stretched in other areas.
 I want to take the dare. I do want to embrace each moment and live each day, fully. I want to keep counting the gifts because when I do, I realize just how many there are and how many there will be.

frost covered trees in the early morning 

snuggles from my Kilmo girl

late night date with my husband with time to talk and just be us

tea with my sister, such a gift

having my sister and brother in law move to the same city

friends who make me think and laugh and refresh my soul 

hot tea


family love
lots and lots of family time 

curious, eager to learn little boys 


warm blankets 

the word of God 
photos: my youngest brother in law figuring out the shape sorter and Kilmeny reading her ABC book, I did both with them and then sat back while they figured the blocks and book out by themselves.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Breanne. It is always a good reminder that even though everything isn't going exactly according to plan, we can still keep going and learn new lessons along the way.



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