Tuesday, November 30, 2010

sister time

It was so special having my sister visit us for a week. The night she arrived, we got all cozy on the couch, sipping chai tea, eating dark chocolate and getting all caught up. I loved it. 

The next day we  went on a walk to get a book for Kilmeny. I had been given a gift certificate to a bookstore when I got her library card. Apparently, that is one way they promote reading amongst children and Quebec publications. We browsed the shelves together, translating in our heads or guessing at things from pictures, it was a completely French bookstore. I got Kilmeny a souvenir of our time here in Quebec, a little book about Pierre Lapin. 

 Kilmeny has been taking a few steps between Jared and I, building up her confidence. Kendra got her to take quite a few steps all by herself. We were so proud! Almost every time, Kilmeny saw Kendra she would do this hilarious laugh/grin at her - like she was saying 'hi Auntie Kendra'. It was so cute! 

 photos were taken by Jared =)

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