Monday, November 15, 2010

Counting My Gifts

Because sometimes you feel in a fog, because sometimes you feel overwhelmed by the reality of life, because sometimes you just need a reminder of what life is and why we choose to place our hope in Christ. Because there is no other answer. 
That's why I'm adding to my list of gifts today on this grey November day. 

beautiful, peace giving, uplifting music 
fresh bread straight from the oven with my aunt's rhubarb jam
lamplight in the living room 
my sweetheart practicing hours and hours 
encouragement from friends' lives 
my man putting my baby to sleep when all she needed was her daddy's arms 
his arms wrapped around me 
his prayers over me, over us
 letting go and just doing the next thing (knowing this wisdom from my Mom)
fresh laundry dominated with pink

I feel better already. Want to join in?  


holy experience


  1. I love reading these items, I really need to start doing this too, I will totally join in!

  2. Your blog is lovely! Enjoyed spending time here tonight to read your gratitude list.
    Praying that your week will be full of additional blessings,



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