Monday, November 15, 2010

beating the blahs

 It's grey outside. The sun sets earlier. The leaves are almost all gone, leaving just the bare branches as a stark outline against the sky. I love this month. I love all months actually. But sometimes there comes this little thing called 'the blahs'. You lose motivation to do anything, 'supper, do we need to eat tonight?'. The hours drift by and you feel like you didn't get anything done. Except the dishes and playing with your baby. Does that count? You don't feel like working on any of your projects and bombing around facebook sounds like fun, sort of. And you are trying not to think about the bar of dark chocolate with almonds in the pantry....

It's called 'the blahs'. They're nasty little creatures that creep in and before you know it, they're stealing your joy. 

Before I was married, I would often tackle some home  organization project like the bookshelves in the library or bake something like cookies or a dessert for dinner. By the time the task was over, the blahs were gone and my motivation was back. 

We had the blahs a couple weeks ago. Actually, who am I kidding? I had them again this morning. I'm just getting over them. Last time, we made some of our favorite creamy hot cocoa and talked and talked while the baby was sleeping. We felt better. 
There's not a lot to organize here, we don't have that much stuff and there's only two of us to eat up any baking I do. 
So, we bundle the baby in the ergo and set out for a brisk walk. We sit down and plan out evening activities until we go home which ensures that we actually will read those books and get those scrapbook pages done. We play uplifting music. We eat yummy food. We get more sleep. We pray. 

And soon the blahs are gone. 

What do you do when you're feeling blah? Do you cook, paint, walk, sing?  


  1. walk. Definitely walk. A nice, long, solitary walk amidst my rolling hills.

    There's nothing like being out in His creation while casting my cares on Him.

    Oh, and then tea. At least one or two great big mugs of steaming hot tea is a must for sure.

  2. Oh, I sure identify with this post Breanne! Sometimes I will get blahs that will be like a semi-blah fog that go for days where suddenly I will wake up and realize I've been on auto pilot!

    The thing that usually jogs me out of it, is making a list, and then doing the simplest things on the list first, I build momentum and before you know it I'm back on track.

    But then there are those days when the best cure is to give in and cuddle and read and sing together with the kids.
    And yes, prayer,cocoa, walks, scrapbooking, baking, and organizing (such a passion of mine, once I get started)

    thanks for sharing this post!

  3. Don't forget to take your vitamin D. It helps beat the blahs and all sorts of other good healthy things - just got the word from my doc at my check-up today.

  4. Such a timely post, dear sis! The blahs are so common, I think everyone is subject to their influence, and it's so encouraging, not only to know that we are not alone, but also to be inspired by someone else, when we hear what they do!
    Your writing is getting so good! Just wanted you to know that. :) Maybe someday you'll publish your blog. :)

  5. Yup, those blahs can be rather exasperating... I find my most common method of dealing with the most common blahs is (as stated in another post) to just "do the next thing". Or go for a walk, or talk to Josh, or call and chat with Mom, or, if it is really bad, journaling is a sure way to kill 'em! :-)



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