Tuesday, November 23, 2010

autumn moments

 I took Kilmeny outside several weeks ago. It was beautiful. One of those autumn days that make autumn what it is- a reminder to treasure each day and live in the moment. I knew I wanted to make a tradition of enjoying the leaves with Kilmeny when she was older and decided to start this year. Her first autumn. She sat. I raked. I plunked her in the middle of the leaf pile. We both lay down and felt the moist leaves around us, the dank smell tickling our nostrils, we looked at the brilliant blue sky. At least I did. Kilmeny wasn't that thrilled about lying down in the leaves. She much preferred to eat them. Or at least handle them.

The leaves are all gone now. The temperature is dropping. The leaves that remain are soggy. Their color seeping out of them. It was a beautiful autumn. Winter is coming soon. Snow is expected in the next couple of weeks. And we will enjoy it. 
My mom knitted this sweater for Kilmeny along with booties and a hat. She has long outgrown them. She is fast outgrowing the sweater. I love the sweater. I love my Mom for making it. Actually, I love my Mom because she's my Mom.

**edited to add** I wrote this early last week and autumn is now a distant memory with winter just around the corner. We bundle up like little snowmen when we go outside now. =)


  1. The other day I put Ava in her sweet pink layette sweater just like Kilmeny`s that a sweet lady in our congregation gave us when she was born. It`s a little short sleeved, mini sweater but it looke really cute, and I loved that I can still find a way to put it on her!!!!! She even got compliments from the other moms and teacher at school!

  2. Oh...these photos are so precious, with the sun kissing her sweet baby skin. Your daughter is beautiful, the sweater too. Your post makes me think of my own girls when they were small, and how much God loves us all. Blessings through the holidays and in the new year.

  3. Well, this is a wee bit embarrassing.
    I never knew those blog rolls were traceable :).
    I could lie and give you a less creepy story but I might as well come out with it since I figure you won't get TOO mad at me.
    We have a couple mutual friends on Facebook I believe and one time I saw you comment on one of Chloe's status'. I recognized your name so I clicked on your profile and saw the blog on the side bar. I'm always looking for new blogs to read so I sort of just latched on.
    So there you have it.
    Oh just so you know I have found your blog to be a very enjoyable read.



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