Friday, July 9, 2010

of pictures and people 

The heat has subsided! We woke up to the lovely sound of rain on our window and its been raining almost all day, raising the humidity level way up but the temperature has stayed in the early twenties so it's not that bad. I've been spending the time while Kilmeny sleeps to edit some pictures for her scrapbook and came across a lot of pictures to post. Most of them are from our visit to BC before we traveled East. Enjoy!  

Jared and I at Birch Bay. Love that place. I have so many memories of being there, I had to take Jared there. 

Us again. At Gary Point, in Steveston. One of my must-visits whenever I'm in Richmond. 

My Nana and I. The reason for visiting Richmond. 

I love her very much. She's a very special lady. 

Nana with her great-grandaughter and grandaughter. 

The other great reason for visiting Richmond. My dad's brother and his family live there! We had a wonderful visit with them. Uncle Crawf and Lindsey took us and Nana out for breakfast then the four of us walked around Steveston. Love these people! 

Lindsey and I at the Fisherman's Wharf. She has always been such a special cousin to me. She was in the middle of exams so our time together was short but very sweet. 
Then we had another awesome visit with Caleigh and Stephen and got ice-cream. I also love these people. A lot. 

We traveled a long ways just to get this shot of us at Lake Superior, MN, sort of. Some nice people snapped the moment for us. 

 We had a stop in Michigan and met up with these lovely people at Panera Bread. Aren't they cute? :-) We traveled the same route last year to shoot their wedding. We like them a lot.

We also had a stop with these wonderful people. My dear Green relatives. My grandparents just happened to be visiting them so we made a quick visit so they could meet their first great-grand daughter. And see us. We also stayed with Jared's relatives but we didn't get any pictures. Both of our Moms have a sister out in Ontario and they both live half an hour from each other. It makes visiting really fun! 

Grandpa and Gramma McCullough with their second grand daughter and first great grand daughter. Love these two! 

And now its time to get Kilmeny up and get ready for the best part of the day: Jared coming home! I hope you all have a lovely Friday!


  1. Lovely post, dear! So fun to see Caleigh's tummy, however little ;-P I'd LOVE it if she started a blog as well! Try to convince her, will you my dear? :-P

  2. I So enjoyed catching up on your beautiful blog dear Breanne, I love your style!

  3. I love all the pictures! It makes me miss some of those people too! I'm so glad you got to see so many of those special people, it must have been so much fun!
    Such fun memories!



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