Tuesday, June 8, 2010

three things that are making me smile today

thing #1: I found this picture of Grama & Papa on our desktop. It makes me smile to see their smile and their faces. They are very dear to me. 

thing #2: the prospect of purchasing flowers at the Farmer's Market  and the thought of buying all those fresh vegetables and fruit. Fresh, local, colorful! It's just a walk away and will become part of my Tuesday routine. =)

thing #3: the sound of Kilmeny's hands as she explores her (new to us for only $8! more about my garage sale adventure coming!) playpen and the delight this little girl brings to my life

 What's making you smile today?

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updated at 3:27pm: I went to the Farmer's Market as planned and got some gerbera daisies as planned but  I got more daisies for less. I only had $4 in change left to spend and I really wanted to at least get a couple daises. The nice lady at the flower stand gave me 5 daisies and some ferns for the four dollars I had. And they were firsts so they'll last longer. I love gerbera daisies and it was so special that she would do that for me!

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