Saturday, June 26, 2010

a day at the beach 

Jared told me that Friday would be a day just for us. He wouldn't touch the violin and we would spend the whole day doing fun things, together. He had plans. I love it when he has 'plans', they are always the best. 
After hearing me talk about how much I wanted to go swimming and running down to the water every chance I got, he made plans to spend the day near Port Dover which is right on Lake Erie. I bustled about throwing towels and books and water bottles into a bag and putting together some food. We loaded the van and got breakfast at the bakery just down the street. One of my favorite indulgent breakfasts: coffee and pastries. 

We were told the bakery served better coffee then Starbucks and we wanted to have the complete bakery breakfast so we went with it. Starbucks still has our allegiance. 
Thus fortified for the trip, we headed out. Through some beautiful country. Uplifting music. Good conversation. 

We found Port Dover and it was very busy. Quite the little beach town. We decided it was not the place for us and drove away to find another, quieter beach. We drove down various back roads and meandered through corn and peanut fields. 

Following the signs to Turkey Point, we were delighted to find a quieter beach with shade right near the lake.The stroller worked well to hold our stuff and our little smiley girl. 

Kilmeny had her first real beach experience complete with squishing her toes in the sand, feeling the water on her legs and getting sunburnt (just a little). She was the most happy when she was sleeping in her stroller. I swam out to the boundary line which sounds far more impressive then it actually was and then we both read in the sun. It brought back so many happy memories of family vacations on Lake Okanagan. My book choice of the day was The Hobbit.  There is something refreshing reading about a cold, damp journey to the Misty Mountains when you are lying in the sun.


We got ice-cream cones and packed up. 

Jared has this thing for Tiger Tiger icecream. I don't. My choice this time was Peach Mango Tango Frozen Yoghurt. I should have gone with my instinct and had the Triple Chocolate but it was still yummy. The cones were a treat from Mom M. she tucked some ice-cream money into a card for me. I didn't get as big of a cone because I spent some of the money on scrapbook paper. :-) 

We headed back to Port Dover where most of the earlier crowd had dissipated. Families and couples out for a stroll filled the sidewalks. We got hamburgers and 'golden glow' at this cute walk thru joint that had been there since 1919. It was more of an experience then anything else. The 'golden glow' which is their signature drink needed a little help. But it was fun. 

We walked around the little shops. Jared took lots of pictures, for me and my blog. 
We walked out on the pier and drank in the sun's rays on the water, the waves crashing on the (almost) empty beach. Seagulls, ducks and fishing boats were everywhere.  

We arrived home sun-kissed and tired. It was a good day. :-)

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