Monday, June 21, 2010

a date

we had booked tickets to go see the Toronto Symphony Orchestra awhile ago. We asked a friend if she would watch Kilmeny for the evening. She had offered to do so whenever we wanted to give us an evening out. She's that sort of a nice person. 

What I didn't know was that Jared had booked something else for later that night. After the concert. It was a surprise. And I love surprises. We got dressed up and set off for our evening out. It was one of the first times leaving Kilmeny with someone who wasn't family and I felt like such a mom giving the instructions. 'This is how you wrap her up for bed. She likes music. You can read her a story. She normally goes to bed around 8:30pm.'  
I know, I am a mom but it's still a little new. 

The concert was an absolute delight. Isabel Bayrakdarien sang and the orchestra played and it was lovely. We got drinks in the intermisson and drank our cranberry juice and fountain coke out of glass goblets and they were nice. We held hands and smiled together as the orchestra played out the lovely music. 

We rushed out while the applause was still going because we had a dinner reservation. 

Now to be perfectly honest, I did guess what the surprise was. But Jared didn't tell me if I was right or not until we were in the concert. We fast-walked all the way to the CN tower, hoping to make it on time for our amazing dinner at the top!!! When we got there, they said there had been a power outage and the elevator had stopped working. Sigh. We walked away and figured out plan B but then the lights starting coming on so we walked back. And the elevators were working. So we went up. All the way up. 2 floors a second. I was glad I wasn't near the glass window. 

The view was incredible. The food was some of the best I have ever had. The setting was quiet and intimate. Except for the very loud customer two tables down who insisted on using his outside voice. I don't think he learned his manners properly. 

More than anything else, it was a lovely evening just to be us two. To talk, to laugh, to enjoy each other in a beautiful setting. To focus on our relationship. To invest in each other. To add to the golden strand of memories. 



  1. You didn't climb the stairs?! haha. I've never been there, but it sounds scrumptious and the view must have been beautiful at night. I love nighttime scenery. :)

  2. Ashley, the stairs? Ha! We watched an inspiring video of someone who did it in under an hour while we waited for the elevator. =)

    It was scrumptious, in every way. Our dining experience for the summer. =)



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