Saturday, May 29, 2010


I realized just how blessed I am today. I made a batch of granola, from scratch, without even really thinking about. Pour oats into a bowl, chop almonds, add some sunflower seeds, make a coating, stir, and bake. Simple. I've been making granola since I was at least 10. And before that I was helping my Mom. 

After the granola was finished, I made dinner. I had fresh ciabatta buns from our local bakery, some chicken, a fridge full of veggies, and some feta cheese. I got creative and enjoyed every minute of making dinner. We had Greek Chicken Ciabattas, organic blue corn chips with guacamole and lemonade slush.
Can I say yum?!

I didn't really think twice about any of the meal preparations I did today. I just, did them. I was so blessed to grow up in a house where my Mom made all the meals and she trained my sisters and I as she cooked. Because of that she hasn't needed to cook for a number of years. She was always there to help us as we learned how to separate eggs, how to tell when the cream is whipped enough, how to make gravy. 

I've been realizing that not every girl has this advantage. The place that we are living in right now is a furnished apartment but it has only the very basics in the kitchen. I used an egg poacher to measure tonight, it worked. She obviously isn't one who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Whether that's because of her lack of training or busyness or lack of confidence, I don't know but it was an eye-opener to me. I take a lot of things for granted because that's what is familiar to me and it seems like basic life knowledge. 

I started feeling a little sorry for the people who didn't learn to cook at home. My mind jumped to possibilities, I could hold cooking classes and make a fortune and invest in all those people's lives....yes, I do have a tendency to a 'Mother Theresa' response sometimes. I think it's a girl thing. 

I used to want to own a cute little cafe where people could come, sip some coffee or tea or something else, much on something yummy, savor something sweet and be refreshed. I got distracted in how I was going to decorate it more then how I was going to outfit the kitchen. That's when I realized I could do the same at home, without the overhead. 

I'll start with having people over. Like tomorrow night. With some friends of Jared's from back home that are also out here. I think I'll serve them pizza with a fresh greek salad and ice- cream cake. Do you think they will like it?


  1. I think so! Sounds yummy... especially the pizza and ice cream! :-P

  2. Breanne,
    You and your sisters are indeed blessed to have a momma who not only taught you to cook, but loves you very much and gave you a reason to cook. Your kitchen will be (and is) a very influential ministry.

    Love, Papa Criss

  3. I love your new blog Breanne! I like the way you're writing it, and I'm looking forward to keeping up on some of the little details of your life this way! I'm almost inspired to begin my own blog. :)

  4. I just read this now, and yes, we did love it, Breanne! :)



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