Monday, November 5, 2012

Growing and Being Quiet

Our household stuff has been packed up, driven across the country and will arrive at our doorstep tomorrow evening accompanied by some delightful people. We will go from living in very temporary surroundings to having all those rubber maid bins I packed up in June. 
It's going to be busy around here. 

The last couple months have been not what I thought they would be but they have been good. They have also been very hard in a lot of ways. Good and hard often go together to promote growth. 

I think I have growing pains. 

And so, I am going to take a little break. A little break from blogging, a little intentional quiet time. 

I'll be focusing on the very real life I live with my Jared and our two little girls. I'll be unpacking all.those.boxes. I'll be making the transition from hardly anything to everything as smooth as I can for my girls (really for all of us) and that requires me to be purposeful. 
I'm not sure how long of a break I'll be taking but I know that is needed.

Thank-you, as always, for reading and sharing this story with me. XO 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Roots

I wasn't planning on writing anything today but I saw the prompt and I had too. Maybe you have to write as well or read stories of others, it's all at the gypsy mama's site.

4 provinces. 4 years. 2 little girls. 1 dream. 1 journey. 

I cried a little when I saw this week's prompt: Roots. Cried because that word resonates deep within me right now. 

We're doing something hard, something a little crazy but something that makes us so happy and so fulfilled. Something that we've been talking about since before we said our vows. A pursuit of a dream and a lifestyle that when we're old and gray and rocking away, we'll be glad we took the jump. 

It means uprooting, it means moving across the country. Twice. 

It means tears. Lots of them sometimes. It means deep happiness and the knowledge that we are more together then ever before. 

It means that our roots don't go down in just one town, in just one province, in just one country. It means that our roots are each other, that home is where ever we are. Together. The four of us. 

It means that our story is being written and these are the first few chapters. The hard bits. But the roots are going down.

linking up with Five Minute Friday, five minutes to just write. 


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