Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hennigar's Farm: An excursion

It's beautiful. Quiet with the occasional maa from the goats and conversation from the ducks in one of the ponds. 

There's wild grapes growing over by the chicken coop. And we spied a frog in the rushes from the shelter of the covered bridge. There's a longer nature walk that we'll do next time and during the summer we can get fish and chips at the little cookhouse festooned with more grapes. 

It was one of those just-so-happened-to-stumble-upon places. The farm lies in a hollow just a couple kilometers out of Wolfville. Its a normal farm market, filled with seasonal produce from their farm and other farms throughout the Valley as well as baking and garden decor. But just a hop, skip and a jump from the store is the loveliest of little places. 

There's a boat dry-docked in a bed of sand, complete with an assortment of toys. The girls loved it. I loved it. We stayed there for a couple hours. And I knew we would come back. 

We paid fifty cents for a cone of goat food and paid a visit. Past the pond with it's fountain, past the picnic tables inviting you to stop and sit, and onto the goats. I'm not sure who was more eager, the goats at the anticipation of a treat or my girls.

We hung out with the goats for awhile, I thought they were quite cute and so full of personality. Kilmeny wasn't so sure about the goats eating the corn straight from her hand so she watched while the goats nibbled the corn from my hand. 

Then it was onto Bunnyville where we watched the furry little (and not so little) rabbits play and fed them grass. 

It's the loveliest of places, perfect for soothing one's spirit and keeping little people very well occupied. 

What new discoveries have you been making?


  1. I love the boat in the sand! One of my dreams is to someday have some property and I want to get a big wooden boat as a playhouse or guest cottage or cozy hideaway for reading, art, and just relaxing. I want to plant a sea of blue and white flowers around it.

    Stumbling upon treasures like this farm is one of my favourite things in life. Those places that make you sigh and they delight your soul and make you feel like God is smiling at your discovery.

    You ask about new discoveries... I discovered the other day that I couldn't remember how to do my signature with my maiden name! I felt well and truly married. It was a happy discovery to realize signing my maiden name felt awkward and foreign. :-)

    1. I LOVE your wooden boat dream, that is so good and now I want to do the same. Someday.

      I also love your new discovery, watching you enjoy married life never ceases to make me smile. You do have a rare gift of delight in whatever you do, at least it seems like that to me. =)



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